Gretchen’s GlassAckward division of the studio includes artwork made from kilnforming recycled glass, handmade pottery, sculpture, and copper foil stained glass artwork.

Gretchen has been firing glass since 2014. All her glass pieces, including stained glass works, are made exclusively with recycled glass. This includes old windows and framing glass, bottle glass, and vintage finds that have passed their lifespan in their original form.

Along with kilnforming glass, Gretchen also works in ceramics. She began her journey in clay by sculpting and creating her own molds to use in her glass work, and this has branched out into an apprenticeship at Dacotah Clayworks in Hebron, North Dakota. Gretchen’s pottery and ceramics are both wheel-thrown and hand built.

Our retail location is now open, at 811 1/2 Main Ave, Hebron, North Dakota. “Official” hours are Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from noon – 4 pm central time. However, any time that Gretchen is at the shop, the store is open. We also offer shipping, charging you precisely what it costs us to ship–we don’t believe in upcharging.

If you see something you like, contact us to purchase or stop at the store. If an item is no longer available, it is possible that a similar item may be able to be replicated upon request. Every piece is unique unto itself–however, techniques can always be revisited! Visit our GlassAckward Facebook page for more frequently updated new works, specials and online sales, and upcoming events.

“Copper Backed Skull” . NFS. Kilnformed recycled framing glass with glass enamels. Mounted on reclaimed copper and laminate tile ©2019
Gabriel’s fish © 2021 Custom made, personalized coin bank. Unavailable.
Turquoise serving bowl © 2022. Handbuilt in red clay with turquoise glaze. No longer available.
“It Is What It Is.” ©2020 Cast glass sculpture created from crushed brandy bottles, patinae’d in india ink and polyurethane, and mounted on a handbuilt ceramic pedestal. $800.
Tulip bowl © 2021 . Slab built. SOLD
Owl pot #3 © 2020 Wheel thrown black clay with white clay hand-built elements. This piece no longer available for purchase; please contact us for information on available owl pots or visit our GlassAckward page on Facebook to see available inventory.
Masked Mug #2 ©2020 in a series of 10. Our “Official Mug of 2020.” Wheel thrown mug with hand-built elements. Masked mugs are no longer available.
Oval roses bowl © 2019 Handpainted fired enamels between layers of fused recycled framing glass. SOLD
“Zombie Roger” saucer pot © 2021 SOLD
Raku poppy bowl ©2020 NFS Handbuilt with locally sourced clay, raku fired.
Sts. Peter & Paul Church ©2019 Copper foil stained glass custom project. Church is hand painted fired enamels on recycled framing glass. Rays are the original glass from the windows of this particular church (which was demolished in 2018). SOLD
Blue Mermaid ©2020 Cast glass sculpture from a vintage relish dish. Mounted on resin stand. $300
Feathers bowl ©2020 Wheel thrown and carved red-clay bowl. Clear gloss glaze with a blue glaze interior and oilspot black rim. SOLD
“Mums” ©2020 Fired glass enamels in recycled framing glass, mounted on a resin stand. $250
“Oilgoose Cherry Bowl” ©2020 Wheel thrown bowl featuring oilspot black, snowgoose, and bing cherrywine glazes. SOLD.
“Holly Stripes” ©2019 Fired glass enamels in recycled framing glass. $60
“Salamanders” ©2020 Wheel thrown pot with handbuilt salamander elements. SOLD
“Koi” ©2019 Handpainted with fired-in enamels in recycled window glass. Mounted on resin stand. $300
Chiseled pot ©2020 Wheel thrown pot, hand carved details. Combination of glaze and naked surfaces. SOLD
Pink Mermaid ©2020 Cast glass sculpture made with crushed glass from a vintage bowl. Mounted on stained driftwood. $300
Swirled pitcher ©2020 Wheelthrown syrup pitcher, in marbled white and black clays. SOLD
Cinnabar & Nutmeg ©2020 Wheel thrown black-clay pot in cinnabar and nutmeg glazes. SOLD
Black Cherry Bowl ©2020 Wheel thrown bowl, glazed in oilspot-black and bing cherrywine glazes. SOLD
Antler windchime ©2018 Found antler-shed, with fused bottle glass and beadwork elements. SOLD
Bubblependant ©2017 Powdered enamels between layers of bottle glass. Impossible to replicate! SOLD.
Dragonfly coaster ©2019 hand painted fired enamels and mica between layers of framing glass. SOLD
Frog suncatcher ©2019 Fired enamels between layers of framing glass. SOLD
Bottle glass coral breadbowl. ©2019 Contact for purchase

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