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Our offices are located above the library; with parking and studio entrance on the south side of the building.

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After nearly 12 years of collaboration with In the Flesh and Wicked E’s, BassAckward Studios has relocated to 811 1/2 Main, Hebron, North Dakota. It was an amazing run, but commuting has become tiresome and Kirk’s not getting any younger. It’s pretty wonderful to be open for business in the city where we actually live. And that 3 minute commute? Brilliant.

Kirk is CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens Certified. Our studio is regularly inspected and certified by Custer Public Health.

We ARE NOW OPEN at our new space! Our hours are Tuesday through Saturday, noon – 4 p.m and after hours by appointment. GlassAckward Pottery and Glass is open Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from noon – 4 p.m.

BassAckward Studios can be reached via text or calling


Contactless Forms and Digital Record Keeping

Moving to a new space is a good time to update our client records. Even if you’ve been a client for years, we are still having you fill out new paperwork.

We have updated our record keeping to an all-digital system. This system eliminates about 99% of our data entry and filing tasks, and is convenient for clients because you fill out the client form on your own device, submit, and that’s it. This also eliminates any typos that G might make when she’s entering your data into our records (also, some of ya’ll have terrible handwriting….). Appointment records are also recorded digitally, which makes it incredibly easy to call up your “paperwork” to reference your previous work when necessary.

This is definitely a system we’ll be sticking with. Having all your appointment information and artwork files in one place is pretty amazing, without having to rifle through the messy file cabinets. We also have an app for your convenience. It’s primarily just informational, with links to all our social media sites, contact information, store hours, etc. There are also links to our tattoo consent form and aftercare information.

Take a pic of the code to download the BassAckward Studios App


BassAckward Studios accepts cash, all major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo. PayPal Invoicing is also an option for paying deposits, ordering gift certificates, or for ordering merch or GlassAckward pieces to be shipped.


We cannot schedule your tattoo appointment or give you a quote on your piece via email or Facebook message. We can certainly discuss your piece via email, but Kirk won’t just throw you a quote without talking to you at length.  Every piece is quoted individually, depending on multiple variables.   Artwork complexity, location of the piece, and size of the artwork are just some of the factors we have to keep in mind.  This leads to considering the length of time Kirk needs to work on your piece, so scheduling is something that has to be talked about directly with Kirk.

Text, call, or email Kirk to talk about your piece. Because we are now located in Hebron, in-person consultations may be done via video conference or phone if you so prefer.

Generally speaking, Kirk’s hourly rate is $150 per hour. His shop minimum is $100.

Airbrush and other custom projects can also be arranged by text, calling, or sending an email.


BassAckward Studios usually requires a minimum, non-refundable, $50 deposit on all tattoo appointments. This deposit may be more, depending on the amount of time we have you scheduled. This ensures that you will show up for your appointment! This deposit will be applied to the total cost of your tattoo.  We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo.

We require 48 hours notice to reschedule your tattoo.   You must call or text Kirk directly to reschedule, do not send us an email or a Facebook message.  If we are unavailable to take your call, leave a message!

We need that 48 hours to re-arrange our schedule to put someone else in your time slot. If you do reschedule within that time frame, we will apply your deposit to the new appointment time. If you reschedule, but it is less than 48 hours notice, you will forfeit that deposit and we will require another $50 deposit. If you are a “repeat offender”, that minimum deposit will increase.

If you need to reschedule (and call within that 48 hours before your appointment), but don’t quite know when you can come in, we will hold your deposit for up to 6 months.  If you have not rescheduled within 6 months of your original appointment date, you will lose that deposit.

If you decide to cancel or don’t show up, you will forfeit your deposit. There are no exceptions.  If you are a no-show, your deposit will be the full amount of your piece before we will reschedule you.

You will also forfeit your deposit if you come to your appointment and you’re under the influence. We won’t tattoo you if you’re drunk or high.

On the other hand, if the weather is uncooperative and the roads are sketchy, CALL or text! Remember, Kirk commuted for YOU for 18 years. He “gets it” about road conditions and bad weather. Now that most of you will be commuting to come see him, we are more than willing to be flexible about deposits and appointment rescheduling in situations where it might not be advisable to hit the highway.


BassAckward Studios will not tattoo children. No exceptions. If you are under 18, Kirk will not tattoo you. Once you are 18 we will be happy to have you, but until then? Patience, young grasshopper.  Absolutely no children in the tattoo room. Period.

Also. Please do NOT bring your children to your appointment. We shouldn’t have to state the obvious but… apparently it needs to be said. If you bring your kid, even if you make them wait in your car? No. Just no. If you can’t get someone to babysit your children, reschedule. While our studio is not “R-rated”, it is not child friendly. Our lobby is not kid proofed, and Gretchen will not sit and supervise. If you show up to your appointment with a child, whether he is 6 months or 16 years old, you’re losing your deposit, going home without a tattoo, and losing our respect.


Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be used for any service that we provide. Gift certificates can also be used for merchandise, GlassAckward pieces, and any for-sale artwork that we may have available.  Gift certificates purchased before January 1, 2019 do not expire.  As of January 1st, 2019, purchased gift certificates are valid for 6 YEARS.  Gift certificates donated by BassAckward Studios to charity events and promotions are valid for one year from the date of the event.

Gift certificates can also be purchased and mailed out to you. Just drop us an email with the amount you need and your mailing address. We’ll send you a paypal invoice and mail it out to you the next business day.

All unexpired gift certificates will absolutely be honored at our new location.


BassAckward Studios appreciates our clients! Your word-of-mouth advertising is the best promotion we could ever ask for. In appreciation of all you do to bring in new clients, we now have a referral program. Stop in at the shop and pick up a handful of referral cards. In the space indicated, write in YOUR name and hand these cards out! When your friends come in for their first appointment with one of these cards, the card will be attached to your paperwork. When you have accumulated 5 cards, you will receive a $25 BassAckward Studios gift card, redeemable for 2 years from the date of issue. There is no limit to the amount of referral cards that you can accumulate!

The referral program will also still be honored at our new location.


BassAckward Studios does not do piercings.  There is no piercer on staff at our studio.

We still recommend Wicked E’s Piercing, located with In the Flesh at 225 E Villard in Dickinson ND. Call or text Erin directly at 701-260-8780 with any questions in regards to piercing.

BassAckward Studios CANNOT answer ANY questions regarding piercing services. All we can do is refer you to Erin. (She is awesome.)

Updated 5/25/2022

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