Welcome to BassAckward Studios!

BassAckward Studios is located at 811 1/2 Main Ave in Hebron, North Dakota. After nearly two decades of commuting, we are blessed to be able to bring our studio into the community where we live and where we’ve raised our family.

Our studios are located at 811 Main Ave, on the second floor above the Hebron Public Library. Off-street parking and studio entrance are located on the south side of the building. Our studio now occupies the entire east wing of the second floor, in the office suite that was Hebron Dental for 50 years.

Tattoo studio hours are Tuesday – Saturday, noon – 4 pm and evenings by appointment

As always, Kirk will not tattoo minors.

We do not offer piercing services.

GlassAckward store hours are Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from noon – 4 pm CT.

We would like to thank you for trusting us with your custom art desires. In all the years that we have been in business, we have always strived to provide you with one-of-a-kind artwork, whether it is body art, custom paint, fine art, or a piece of pottery or glass.

Your continued patronage and support is so very much appreciated

Welcome to BassAckward Studios!

Proudly providing award winning artwork for 30 years

2024 marks our 30th year in business, and 20 years in tattooing full time. Our combined experience in a variety of other artistic media comes out to over 60 years of artistry, not counting the pre-college years!

We are excited to continue to share our passion for our work with you. Our website is primarily a portfolio and informational hub for our artwork, with more frequent updates and time-sensitive information to be found on our social media links.

Social Media

Please be sure to follow our social media pages. Our BassAckward Studios Facebook page is where we frequently post new artwork, shop updates, upcoming events, and other announcements.

Our GlassAckward Facebook page is where Gretchen posts her new products, projects that she’s working on, purchasing details, and information on her upcoming events. (What is GlassAckward? That’s Gretchen’s division showcasing her work in glass, clay, and everything else. )

We’re on Instagram, too…sometimes. Frankly, we despise social media but occasionally we surprise ourselves and share what we’ve been working on.

And now we have an app! As we are implementing digital paperwork and contactless payment options, the BassAckward Studios app will have the links you need to access your client paperwork, new featured artwork, and the links to our social media all in one spot.

updated 05/13/2024

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